SUM Poland produces custom insulation blankets for various industries. We originate from Canada, but we serve the Polish and European markets from our headquarters in Lodz, Poland.

Our production headquarters is located on Ul. Szaniawskiego, while our client orientated staff (Technical Process Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department) and support staff (Bookkeeping, Human Resource) are located in the heart of Lodz near Al. Kościuszki. We are a small enterprise, comprising no more than 50 people.

Our focus is development and professionalism

We consult on the technical aspects of heat loss, and provide solutions through the use of thermal insulation covers made from technical textiles.  Our employees are key to our success in providing this services to our clients. We look to work with individuals who are not only passionate about our business, but who wish to work in the industrial sector, can commit to projects and who can fulfil specific qualifications.

We provide our employees with opportunities for development and specialization, in an international environment. We believe in honesty and reliability, but also value a friendly and open work atmosphere.