Step 1 – Initial Application

Before sending us your application, please review the tasks listed in the job posting, and pay special attention to the qualifications we require from any potential candidates.

If you do not satisfy some of the requirements, but are convinced that you make a good fit, send us your application with an explanatory note.

Describe your professional experience, excluding the company name but including the company profile and your responsibilities therein. In your motivational letter, present the specific tasks you completed that could be applicable to those listed in the job posting you are applying for. In the motivational letter you can also clarify certain ambiguities from you CV, such as why you are applying for a position in another town, etc.

It is very important to include on your application the “Consent for Processing of Personal Information for the Purposes of Recruitment” – in accordance with the information included in our posting. We are not permitted to use any application without this specific consent.

You can apply by email to, or by mail to SUM Poland Sp. z o.o., Al. Kościuszki 23/25, 90-418 Łódź.

Step II – Candidate Selection

All applications are directly sent to and processed by our recruitment manager, which may extend the selection process if there are many applications. Those candidates who are most suitable to the particular position will be contacted for an interview.

Step III – Interview Process

Normally, the interview has two parts: first, meeting with the HR representative for an initial interview, then, meeting with the HR representative and the direct supervisor for a final interview.

  1. The first interview is about 1 hour. The goal of this meeting is to establish a dialogue between the candidate and the company, including questions regarding career path, education, completed projects, etc. We also inquire about what you know about SUM Poland. With the intent of adequately portraying the type of cooperation between SUM Poland and the candidate, we welcome any questions the candidate may have.
  2. The second and final interview is with the HR representative and the direct supervisor of the position. Specific tasks related to the offered position are often prepared for the candidate to complete. For this reason, this second meeting may last up to 2 hours. We ask that you bring all certifying documents regarding previous employment and qualifications. This may include diplomas, training certificates, employment certificates, etc.

Step IV – Feedback

Regardless of the outcome, we provide all interviewed candidates with feedback.