Company Profile

SUM Poland Sp. z o.o. first started in 2006 as the daughter company of the Polish immigrant owned SUM Canada Enterprises Ltd. From the beginning, SUM Poland has actively pursued the introduction of industrial removable insulation blankets, otherwise known as multiuse (many year) insulation, onto the European market. These covers are meant for technical equipment working in either very high or very low temperatures. SUM Poland production uses only the highest quality technical textiles, sourced from European and American producers. Instead of the traditional and well known method of insulating using mineral wool and steel plating, we propose a new, modern and innovative solution, using flexible insulation made from fiberglass.

Due to quick assembly and dismantling of SUM Poland thermal insulation covers, many types of instruments can benefit, including valves, gate valves, flanges, pumps, turbines, heat exchangers, as well as other types of technical instruments that require frequent access and/or maintenance. SUM Poland thermal insulation blankets can be used in many industries, including energy, heating, chemical, petrochemical, grocery, mining, manufacturing, transportation, as well as many other industries.

SUM Poland is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of thermal insulation blankets on the planet, and we’re steadily growing in Poland and in the rest of the world.

Additionally, SUM Poland actively cooperates with the following organizations:

  1. Polish – Canadian Chamber of Commerce (PCCC)
  2. Polish Association of Industrial Insulation Producers (PSWIP)

We specialize in custom insulation for non-standard devices