Types of covers

SUM Guard® removable insulation covers are available with the following options:

Basic SUM Guard® Technologies Function

Cover construction
Example applications
SUM Maintenance Guard®Standard type of coverThe cladding is made of glass fiber fabrics coated with silicone, which ensures resistance to weather conditions and typical chemicals, which can be most commonly found in industrial conditions (oil, greases, water, etc.). Insulation filling – a glass-fiber (e-glass) mechanically neddled mat.
Working temperature up to 260°C.
Insulation of water installations, steam installations and thermal oil.
Valves, filters, flange connections, pumps, heat exchangers, tanks.
SUM Chemical Guard®Chemicalproof coverThe cladding is made of glass fiber fabrics coated with PTFE (Teflon). High resistance to chemically aggressive substances such as acids, alkalis, solvents and alcohols. Working temperature up to 290°C.
Reactor domes, tanks, inspections hatches,
Valves, filters, flange connections, pomps, control and measuring apparatus.
SUM Antistatic Guard®
Antistatic coverCladding made of specialized glass fabric coated with conductive PTFE (TEFLON)and additional construction elements.Applications the same as in case of SUM Chemical Guard with possibility of using in explosion hazard zones.
SUM Higienic Guard®Hygienic cover The cladding is made of glass fiber fabrics coated with PTFE (Teflon) with additional well-thought-out construction solutions, which helps to keep clean.Possilbility to reduce heat or cold losses in areas of the tightened hygiene requirements in the immediate vicinity of food and pharmaceutical production lines.
SUM Exhaust Guard®Exhaust systems insulation The cladding is made of reinforced glass (HT, HTM), silicate or ceramic fabrics with high temperature resistance. Possibility of using additional reinforced stainless steel mesh. Possibility of using as a filling silicate and ceramic mats.Working temperature from 450°C up to 1000°C.
Collectors, filters DPF, silencers, hot elements of industrial installations, turbines, heaters, extruders.
SUM Heating Guard®Cover with a heating system Additional heating elements are combined with the inner jacket of the cover. Electronic thermostat with a powder cord is on the outside – plug&play system. Device protection against a temperature drop below a set value in case to protect against crystallization and freezing of the working medium.
Possibility of using for transport containers (barrels, mauzer type containers) to heat the contents before unloading.
SUM Fire Guard®Passive fire protection Certified structure and special material composition ensure completely non-flammable and maintains consistency even after prolonged exposure to direct flames at temp. 1000°C.Essential control infrastructure protection in the event of a fire.