Meet the Team

The SUM Poland team is made up of experienced product designers and engineers, who can advise clients on the best solutions to their unique challenges and expectations. Installations can be either measured directly by our product specialists, or specifications can be obtained from technical drawings. Our production team is able to assemble insulation covers for any shape, size or application our customers may need; some features of the assembly include the appropriate type of cover, the necessary technical textile and the best suited securing method.

The professionals at SUM Poland are a guarantee for the quality and functionality of SUM Poland thermal insulation covers

“SUM Poland has a team of well-organized industry experts. Each member of the team understands their importance in the production process and on the end result. We base our development on the foundation of quality, as seen in our well planned and executed operations. The professionalism and commitment of our team can be seen throughout the organization, from the production floor, all the way to top management. I feel privileged to work with such a fantastic group of professionals, whose ingenuity and commitment translate into outstanding and complex solutions for our customers.”

Janusz B. KomorowskiPresident

Competency is our advantage

“I work to maintain a tight-knit, efficient and professional Technical Sales team. Our knowledge, product experience and efficiency influence the development of each order, least of which is how SUM Poland is perceived by its customers. I value the commitment, ingenuity and technical know-how of our specialists, on whom our clients rely to provide quality service and support.”

Wojciech MaurerTechnical Sales Division Manager

“To avoid potential problems and complications, I design the covers and select the appropriate technologies to meet and exceed customer needs, taking into account the use of the covers, as well as the internal and external environments the equipemnt encounters. By blending my knowledge, the best available technologies and through consultation with end-users, we are able to guarantee effective, safe and long-use insulation blankets. I take personal satisfaction from creating aesthetic covers that satisfy the customer’s requirements.”

Paweł BartelaTechnical Process Specialist

 “I design covers on the individual measurements and structures of each instrument to be insulated. The best possible fit, as well as the assembly and dismantling processes, need to be taken into account from the start to create an ergonomically efficient construction. I specifically concentrate on the correct labelling of each element of the blanket to ensure the closest fit.”

Marta Myślakdesigner

 “The most important aspects of designing good blankets are the exactness of measurements and keeping to the needs of the given system. I construct design solutions to avoid technological problems and to facilitate assembly.”

Małgorzata Olejniczakdesigner

 “The last step in SUM Poland production of insulation covers is quality control. The control of final product is an important stage for many reasons, including verification of conformity to project and client specifications, as well as the quality of the execution. I am committed to ensuring that our clients receive only the best quality covers. The control process checks for proper labelling and numeration, appropriate materials used for the necessary application, and conformity to the project parameters.”

Monika PiechowiakQuality Controller

“Our job is to manage production, inventory and production capacity to provide clients with timely completion of their projects. Our priority is to deliver quality products to our customers. They can feel confident that they have invested in an innovative solution that will continue to serve them, and the safety of their workers, for many years.”

Jakub Hendzlik Production Managers