Full access insulation:

Our thermal insulation covers have quick closures, so no special training or qualifications are necessary to have instant access to the mechanisms and equipment underneath the covers. This is how workers stay in full control of the equipment and the insulation.

Safety guarantee

We work based on detailed technical analyses, using modern analytical tools, so we can guarantee an ideal solution to help our clients reach their goals.

Many options

All our covers are available with many options to choose from, including: antistatic (EX), heat tracing, acoustic, flame resistant, chemical resistant, oil resistant, mechanically reinforced, slim.

Why choose SUM Poland?

Experience – Our covers have proven their utility and worth consistently over the last 20 years, on fittings, installations and industrial equipment the world over. You can find our covers throughout, starting in Canadian oil refineries and on Mexican turbines, and finishing on Australian well heads and on drilling platforms in the Atlantic Ocean.

Precision – We design our covers with the help of design programs like CAD and CAM. To further guarantee perfectly fitted covers, the blankets are produced on modern machinery, some of which includes a digitally directed double-headed CO2 laser plotter, a digitally directed cutting and drawing table, as well as a fully automated micro-percussion engraver.

Knowledge – We have considerable experience in designing and producing industrial insulation for specialized and unique equipment.

Assembly and dismantling without the need for tools
Instant access to insulated elements
Working temperature spectrum from -40°C +1200°C
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